Sill Logo 2014

The Sonoma Indoor Lacrosse League is the first indoor lacrosse league operating in the Sonoma and Marin areas. The league started as a locally operated entity with local flavor and an identity all it's own. Now, in it's 10th year, SILL IS BACK! for 2014 as a local jewel and will be re-implementing some of the traits that built it up in the first place. Online stats, records, schedules, local coaches and local players.

SILL is an opportunity for players to develop their skills in a safe and fast paced environment. We don't sell you on attitude, image and rough play. You will not have to buy extra gear or join any new organizations, your field gear and US Lacrosse membership is all you need. Our goal is to have fun, provide a safe and competitive experience for all ages, both boys and girls, at a reasonable price.

This league is run as a hybrid style of lacrosse with a combination of box rules and field rules. The emphasis isn't on boarding and pushing in the back, skills that don't translate to the field game, but more on stick skills, picks, footwork and ball movement.

The indoor league runs in the fall. There will be High School Boys, Junior Boys (6-8th) and Pee Wee Boys (3-5th) leagues. Grades are for the 2014-2015 school year. The boys high school league will be Tuesday nights and youth will be on Sundays. Players are allowed to play up one year with permission and approval of league director and with recommendation from a coach.

Registration: Sportability
Forms: Available near the start
Where: Cotati SportsCity
Cost: $190 before August 1, $215 starting August 1
Equipment:Provide your own gear except goalies, who will be loaned indoor goalie gear
Days/Dates:Youth and Girls:Sundays; High School Boys:Tuesdays

High School Boys: Tuesday nights, Sept. 9th- Nov. 4th
Youth (Juniors, Pee Wees): Sun., Sept. 7th-Nov. 2nd

Game Times: Tuesdays: 5:50, 6:40 and 7:30...Sundays: 10:20, 11:10, 12:00
What you get: At least 8 play dates and a reversible pinnie
Registration: Opens in June at Sportability