I have had a Laxback in my backyard since I was in elementary school. I've spent countless hours over the years and my stickwork has improved tremendously. I highly recommend this to any player looking to improve their stick skills.

Joe Reid, 2/24/15
Midfield, University of Denver

"Well, it's been a year since purchasing a LaxBack and Goal, and wanted to write you a quick note and let you know how impressed we are with both. The quality is great, the storability is excellent, and the kids love it! We've referred you onto several other people in/around our Minnesota Lax community, and we just gave your information to another family tonight."

David M. Buyse, 5/20/14

"We purchased our Laxback more than two years ago after doing much research. Because it is a permanent fixture in our back yard we appreciate the fact that it is about as unobtrusive as a rebounder can be and it returns the ball without any noise whatsoever. We also love that the Laxback will deliver a "true" return from a 10 yard hard pass or a 1 yard soft quick-stick. After two plus years of daily wall ball and being out in the elements our Laxback is still standing strong and returning balls true. My son has tried the big name rebounders at camps, tournaments and festivals-they just don't compare. I can't for the life of me figure out why somebody would choose a different rebounder. I consider it the best single investment in my sons lacrosse development. Thanks for producing such a great product."

Roy Barloga, 10/14/13

"It has been almost 4 years since I bought one of your laxbacks and I wanted (felt like I needed) to contact you to let you know it is still going strong. The laxback really has been a great asset to my game, and it has made my stick skills better; without it I wouldn't have played anywhere near as much wallball as I have. It also has been a big help with stress, exercise and just overall fun for not only myself but my family and friends. I just wanted to let you know that you have one hell of a product and it is still great even after 4 years of daily/weekly use."

Chris Moore

"I've had the Backdoor Goals Laxback Rebounder for a couple of years now and would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their lacrosse game. The Laxback Rebounder is portable, quiet and larger than most other rebounders on the market. The painted targets help you visualize the shots that you'd use in a game instead of doing mindless repetitions on a wall. I've recommended the Laxback Rebounder to both parents and players."

Kevin Strode
High School and Men's College Club Assistant Coach
Eugene, OR

"The Practice Wall was easy to put together and is a terrific coaching tool to get as many reps for your players as possible. There is no better teaching technique than repetitions and the Practice Wall consistently gets the ball back to you with speed. By yourself you can practice hundreds of shots with catches without ever having to chase a ball. This is the absolute best wall of its kind that I have seen and is extremely portable. It is also 6'x6' which allows you to shoot at an actual game size goal."

Jack Emmer
Retired Coach, Army
NCAA's all time winningest coach

"Some of the key attributes about the Practice Wall, honestly, I could attribute to any bounce back. BUT some of the truly outstanding assets about the Practice Wall are the goal sized target area, and the ease it takes to set up, move, adjust, and store them. It's one of the most respectful tools on the market.

You, or your team, should own at least one. We have 6 on the field. If you have a back yard, and play lacrosse, I think it's one of the best investments that you can make."

Michele Uhlfelder
Head Coach, Occidental College
Former Head Women's Lacrosse Coach
Stanford University

"Having tried numerous variations of bounce back equipment, I've found that the Backdoor Goals "Practice Wall" is the most efficient and productive of them all. The "Practice Wall" is flexible, lightweight and versatile. It allows me to practice numerous wall work skills as if I had a wall right in my own backyard."

Peter Worstell, Coach

I am a head coach and co-founder of a 85 player club in San Jose, and have encouraged other parents to buy The Practice Wall as well. From many parent's perspective, it is cheaper than the repair bills to fix stucco, siding, drywall, shingles, garage doors, etc. Also, because of the soft give-back that the net returns the ball with, it enables you to get more reps, fire more balls on target, and create muscle memory. It's nice to see a kid step on the practice field and start throwing and catching at game speed. Love the product - Don't change a thing. thanks again ~pb"

Patrick Bennet, Coach

"WOW..I have been a wall rat for a long time, almost every day going out to the school closest to me to use it. But now that I got this, I dont have to go anywhere. It's awesome! It's throws can sometimes surprise you and come at a weird angle which gets rid of the boringness of the old school wall..its perfect for anyone who practices a lot!!!"

Josh Sundberg, High School Player, 2007

"The Wall is awesome. Works great. No problems at all. I think you should somehow advertise the Wall in some way. You were hard to find but I must say that your product is the best I have seen and I think reasonably priced. You could market it to both Lacrosse and Baseball teams. Thanks again."

Tom Courtney, Parent

"I can't believe how much I have improved my left with this thing. It has enabled me to improve my mechanics and to mirror the mechanics that I had with the right hand. My kids love it too but they can't even get on it when I am home because I love it so much. I love the fact that it is quiet. This is a huge selling point over the Laxwall. I can't imagine a neighbor or parent that would not tire of the constant banging of the Laxwall. I was out in my yard yesterday before 6 AM getting a great workout and my wife and kids were in the house asleep."

Ed Evans, Parent