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The Wall Drills DVD is produced specifically for the Laxback but any wall will work. Whether you have another brand of rebounder wall or you use a concrete wall, you'll find the simple drills to be beneficial for developing the basic catching, throwing, switching hands, shooting and footwork skills every player needs.

The DVD is about 30 minutes long, has chapter markers for each drill so that you can easily skip to or review drills, has narration describing the drill while it is being demonstrated and gives examples of when you would use the skill in a game. Pointers on what to focus on, what not to do, and variations for beginners to experienced players will surely help you get the most out of your Laxback and help you practice to be a better player. There are even drills for two people so that you can have competitions or games with friends or family members while practicing.

Drills DVD

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