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About BDG Lacrosse


I started Backdoor Goals in 2003 making my own goals for a team that I coached.  Then I started playing with a rebounder design that would serve the lacrosse community better.  Since then, I have specialized in rebounder walls and goals, but have expanded to box goals, game and practice nets and bungees.


I've been involved with lacrosse since the late 80's. I played at Chico State and went on to start a high school club team in Santa Rosa, California. I coached the Santa Rosa Lacrosse Club high school varsity club team for years, run an indoor league, taught wall clinics and do training sessions with individuals. I've worked with select teams and at camps. It is my sincere interest to further the sport of lacrosse and make it an enjoyable and successful experience for all that participate.


The Laxback and the Practice Goals have been designed by myself and manufacturing is contracted out. I take pride in providing a well regarded product and you will get personal assistance when needed. The business is small and does not deal in mass quantities, so some products like the Laxback and Practice Goal aren't competing on price, but on quality and reputation. Overall, the products are priced competitively, are unique and serve a special niche.


Owner: Jamie Poore
Phone: 707-799-5021
Location: Petaluma, CA

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