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Getting a Better Rebound

The Laxback net is hard to put on at first so you will likely need to put the bungees all the way to the edge of the netting as in the first picture below. Once the net is on, it will loosen up over the next couple days and it will lose some of it's rebound. The wall requires a set of adjustments in order to dial it in to get the correct rebound.


Two main ideas to be aware to maximize the life of the bungees and net and get a consistant rebound:

  • Bungees should be spread out in a pattern along a side that matches the opposite side

  • Bungees should all be on the same row or columns of squares on any one side


Once the net has stretched out it's time to adjust the bungees.

  • Starting with one side, take each bungees off and move it in one square all the way along the side like in the the second picture above.  Test the rebound.

  • If the rebound isn't good enough, continue the process one side at a time.

  • If you're gone through all 4 sides and it's not tight enough, continue moving the bungees in one set of squares at a time, one side at a time, until you have the tension that works best for you.


For a high school player or an experienced youth player, you will likely want to go to the second or third set of squares. Newer players, or if you want to shoot on the wall, you will want it on the first or second set of squares.

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